Saturday, June 16, 2012


We are so glad that summer is finally here!  We've had a couple of visitors from The Lone Star State.  I didn't get pictures but Jen, Rob and Keaton stopped by at the end of May.  

 This is my old boss, and dear friend, Jennifer with her two children, Lauren and Matthew.  They were so enthralled (and cute) with Mr. Max.

Emilee and Landon got married on June 2nd.  This one is out of order but this is Caleb, Max and Ayla at the wedding.
 Hanging out in the Mary Kay box.
 9 months old.  With two teeth.  Still no interest in crawling.  But Max can stand up and pull himself along the furniture.
 We bought an annual pass to Hogle Zoo.  Max enjoyed looking at the active animals but the slower ones lost his attention.  He had a great time watching all the kids run around, though.

 Emilee and Landon got hitched!  Em was such a beautiful bride!  And it was such a loooong day with a 9-month old.  Caleb helped keep Max entertained by covering him up in  with grass.  :-)
We spent last weekend at Cherry Hill resort.  Max went swimming for the first time and loved it!

We went to the cardiologist two weeks ago.  Everything is still on schedule.  They did not increase Max's medicine dosage to adjust for his weight gain.  The goal is to let him grow out of the medication over the next 2 1/2 months and then we can stop the medication on his first birthday.  I am counting down the days.  We are so close!!!!

Max also has a little divot at the top of his head.  We were supposed to get the helmet off last month but the doctor asked us to leave it on for one more month to see if that little dip would go away.  We go back next week for another evaluation.  And if he says we have to wear it for one more month, I will tell him to go fly a kite.  We're done.  The end.