Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thanks Bernie & Diane!

When Cory and I first started 4-wheeling earlier this summer we didn't have a clue where to ride around here. Enter Bernie on center stage. Bernie has been 4-wheeling around here for years and he really helped us out. He took us out on our first ride of the year and he has given Cory tons of maps that provide details for good trails to ride. So yesterday we took Bernie and Diane on a trail that they had never been on before (over by Grey's River in Wyoming). We had a great time riding all day and ended the day with a yummy hamburger and huckleberry shake in Alpine.

I had to take this picture because under normal circumstances, Bernie wouldn't be caught dead riding in a Polaris. He's more of an Arctic Cat guy. He asked if this picture could stay in my camera. I decided to post it on the Internet instead. :-) Thanks for a great day!

And thanks to Grant for letting us borrow his GPS unit. Cory doesn't leave home without it. Are you ready to have it back??

If it wasn't for Texas...

...I would lose my mind living here in Idaho Falls. Thanks to Textron for flying me down to Dallas for a quick business trip. And thanks to Linda, too. She was supposed to go but she told my boss that she didn't want to travel and that she thought I could really use a break from Idaho Falls. Woo hoo!! The two highlights of my trip were shopping at the Grapevine Mills Mall (Cory saves a ton of money with me here in Idaho Falls since there is NO WHERE to shop here) and having dinner with some fabulous people. Isn't Elizabeth just darling?? I can't get enough of this kid.
We had dinner at Breadwinners, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas. This is the buttermilk pan fried chicken breast. Absolutely melt-in-your-mouth-to-die for! That's one of the hardest things to do when I visit Dallas...trying to choose a restaurant. I miss all of the good food!!

I missed those of you who couldn't join us for dinner. Next time. I miss you all!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

On Top of the World!

This weekend, I was told to pack my suitcase and to find a sub for church on Sunday. Cory took me on a surprise weekend get-away. I love surprise weekend get-aways!! I was only told to pack some warm clothes and that we would be camping on Saturday night. We left after work on Friday and stayed at a hotel in West Yellowstone. We got up early Saturday morning and drove into Yellowstone National Park where Cory had reserved a camp site. We unloaded our gear and headed off on the motorcycle.

On our way through the park we saw this black bear and a grizzly bear (not pictured). We did not, however, see President Obama (he was in the park this weekend).

We drove for about two hours to get to...The Top of the World (really, that's what it's called). On our way to The Top of the World, we saw this beautiful lake nestled high in between these two mountains. Keep in mind that this lake was at the top of two very tall mountains - and we were looking down on it from our view at the top of the world.

This is the view from The Top of the World. Elevation: 10,800 feet. It was an overcast day and we literally rode through the clouds. In fact, it snowed on us at one point. In case you're not doing the math in your head, that means it was only 32 degrees...on a motorcycle...on top of the world. We were freezing cold! But the view made it worthwhile. We stopped at The Top of the World Store and purchased a pin that declares that "We Survived Beartooth Highway." Barely.
This is one of the beautiful mountain lakes that we saw on our drive. I can't remember if this was in Wyoming or Montana. We kept bouncing back and forth between the two state lines. We stopped in Red Lodge for lunch. I wish that we could have spent more time there because it is such a cute little town (it kind of reminded me of Jackson Hole).

We went back to Yellowstone a different way - we took the Joseph Scenic Highway. The views there were breathtaking too. As we approached Cody, WY, it started to rain. And we were still 40 miles outside of Yellowstone by the time it got dark. So we strained our eyes to look carefully for critters on the side of the road. The ride took a wee bit longer than planned due to inclement weather. But nice weather would have made for a boring story... And Cory never does anything boring. Go big or go home.

We stopped in Jackson Hole on our way back to Idaho Falls and ate at one of our favorite restaurants: Merry Piglets. It's the closest thing to Tex-Mex this side of the Rockies (or the Tetons at that point). Thanks for a great weekend, Mr. Johnson!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

That Famous Preston Night Rodeo

It's the last weekend in July, which, of course, means it's time for That Famous Preston Night Rodeo. The reason it's famous: because it was the first rodeo in the U.S. to be held at night with lights (or so I've been told). And it's really not all about the rodeo. EVERYONE comes home for rodeo. All of the high school class reunions are held at rodeo time and many family reunions happen then as well. It is so much fun to bump into people that I haven't seen in years. The Hollingsworth family has a few traditions for rodeo weekend. We always go to the lake on Saturday. The best part about the lake: the food. Notice that everyone is gathered around the food table...

There is a parade all three nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). We used to have to park a trailer at "our spot" at least one week before the rodeo so that we could make sure and have a place to watch the parade. But my cousin, Courtney, bought a house on the parade route so now we just gather in front of her house. Thanks, Court!!

I missed the "outhouse on a trailer" float, but I did catch this nice float with some deer on it...

Saturday is the best night to watch the parade. Why? Well, it's because the Cream of Weber truck comes and they hand out chocolate milk chugs. This year we scored a whole crate. Nice work, Laken!

It's tradition to go to the rodeo on Friday night. I think my family takes up about three rows in the bleachers. It's so nice to have everyone there! We had a great clown this year. I always came home for rodeo when I was living in Texas. No one there could understand why I would come to Idaho to see a rodeo when there was a rodeo every night of the week in Texas!

And we watched the PRCA cowgirls and cowboys show us their stuff. Here is a sample of the bronc riding and bull riding (yikes!). See you next year!