Sunday, March 29, 2009

Culture & Cage Fights

Occasionally Idaho Falls surprises me and actually has some interesting things come to town. Case in point, the Museum of Idaho is now hosting the Titanic exhibit. Cory and I went with my Aunt Chris yesterday. As long as you weren't expecting much, it was a nice exhibit (meaning it was pretty simple and small). They had several artifacts from the ship and an iceberg that you could touch. They also handed out passenger boarding cards when you entered the museum i.e. you became one of the passengers on-board the Titanic. At the end of the exhibit, you could look and see if you survived or not. Thankfully we were all survivors. Whew!

And lest you worry that it's possible to become too cultured here in Idaho Falls, I'm happy to report that after we visited the Titanic exhibit, we headed over to the cage fights (think UFC fighting except it's just a bunch of local boys trying to beat each other up).

Our brother-in-law (Jared) is the ring doctor for the fights, so we get VIP ring-side seats. I think the worst injury last night was a broken nose, so Dr. Morton just got to sit back and enjoy watching the fights. The cage fights come to town every three months. We're waiting with bated breath for the next round of fighters...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Miss My House

At the risk of sounding like an ungrateful wretch, I've decided to publish this post. For those who may not want to listen to me whine/complain, please close your web browser now. We rented out my house in Utah yesterday and I've been crying buckets of tears ever since. What a cruel irony that someone else gets to live in my beautiful house in Salt Lake while me and Cory are stuck renting a duplex in Idaho Falls. And we will continue to be renters until we can sell my house (we don't need two mortgages ever again) - which might take years depending upon how fast the economy recovers. I am trying desperately hard to count my many blessings and recognize the many bounties that I enjoy, but this has just about done me in.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I am not a very good cook. In fact, my brother stopped by a few weeks ago and about fell out of his chair when I told him that I was making cornbread (as a side dish) for dinner. I told my parents and they weren't really surprised. I believe my dad may have said something like, "well, we've never really known you to be much of a Betty Crocker." Thanks, Dad. So, I went outside of my comfort zone on Thursday and invited some friends over for prime rib. Thanks to Camille, we got a super great deal on some prime rib a few weeks ago. Cory cooked some Alaskan king crab (see post from Jan. 14th) too. The dinner was edible and we got to enjoy visiting with the Gibbs' family and the Evans' family. We even broke into the chocolate stash from Germany for dessert. I brought back about 5 kilos of chocolate from Germany and we have been savoring every morsel. :-) We are grateful for good friends and fun times!