Thursday, August 9, 2012

Parades, Rodeos and Wagon Rides, Oh My!

It's been a busy, fun-filled summer.  Max has been riding the train at the zoo.
The bear exhibit at the zoo was Daddy's favorite.

 So excited that Aunt Ashi got to come to the zoo and ride the carousel with us!

Hanging out in the splash pool in the back yard.
First 4th of July parade.

 Very interested in the sparklers.
10 months old.
 11 months old.

First ride in Grammie and Grampie's boat.  When I was a baby and cranky at the lake, my parents would put me in the boat and after one pass around the lake, I was out like a light.  Even today I get sleepy riding in the boat.  Max fell asleep about 2 minutes after Cory took this picture.  Takes after his momma...

First time at That Famous Preston Night Rodeo parade.

 First time taking a ride in the RZR.

 Taking a wagon ride for Great Grandma Jones' 80th birthday party celebration (we had a chuck wagon dinner).

 And playing with cousin Challis.  They were so cute together.  Challis really wanted Max's shoe and he was quite vocal about it.  Max sat back and stared at the little chatterbox across the way.  He wasn't quite sure what to make of all that racket.
Max still refuses to crawl.  He cruises around the house with his walker on turbo speed, though.  And he wants us to help him walk all over the house as well.  Max gets pretty upset when mom and dad have to take a break because our backs need a rest.  He's going to keep us twice as busy once he is walking but he will be so much happier.  He is so anxious to go places!!

We are getting better at eating whole solid foods.  For a while there, he would gag and choke on everything we tried to put in his mouth.  Now, as long as the pieces are super, super tiny, he will eat cheese, grapes, crackers, etc.  Max knows how to clap, shake his head and say "no", put his arms in the air for a touchdown and wave bye-bye.

We have 12 more days until Max goes off his heart medication.  I cannot even tell you how excited we are.  This has been the longest year of my life!!!!!!!  I don't care if I ever see this side of 5:00 a.m. again.