Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 In The Rearview Mirror

Back in January, I thought we would never make it through this year.  But once we made it through August and took Max off his heart medicine, the rest of the year has gone by pretty fast.  Max is still doing great and hasn't had any more episodes of SVT (knock on wood!).

Here is a photo recap of the last few months.

 We celebrated Grandma Jones' 80th birthday, complete with a wagon ride and chuck wagon dinner.  Challis was chatting Max's ear off in this photo - and Max just stared at Challis like he was crazy.  :-)

 We went to the zoo with Uncle Jaron and cousin Paisley.
Max learned the Aggie fight song.  Cory has big plans for this kid...
Max took his first airplane ride - we went to Newport Beach, CA.

Max got to stay in a 5-star hotel for his first vacation.  I was on a business trip to attend a conference, which was hosted at the Pelican Hill Resort.  They had a separate pool for the kids and a splash pad that Max absolutely loved.  I'm sure the staff was excited to see us leave - we tried to keep the room clean but we left behind one torn duvet cover, another that was pooped on, Nilla Wafers that had been ground into the carpet and a dresser piled high with all of the bottles I pulled out of the fridge to make room for Max's food.

Learning to walk was pretty rough.  Max took his first steps about a week after he turned one.  And he only learned how to crawl after he learned how to walk.  We called Uncle Jared over this big bump.  We thought maybe we should take a trip to the emergency room.  Max kept falling and hitting his head in the same spot as he was learning to walk.  I guess the blood vessels had finally had enough after he hit his head on the sidewalk - this bump was literally sticking out about 1 1/2 inches from his head.
 After that incident, Max had to wear the 'Thud Guard' until he was a little more steady on his feet.
We decorated pumpkins and dressed up as a dinosaur for Halloween.  Max got to go to 'Boo at the Zoo' with Grammie and Grampie.

I got a bike and trailer for my birthday and Max had a great time riding around.  He would just sit and take in the scenery and chat up a storm.
We saw Santa's reindeer.
 And went to see the Zoo Lights with Aunt Ashlee.

 Absolutely terrified of Santa.
Learning how to share our toys with Cousin Challis.
 Santa found us!

We finally celebrated Christmas at our house on December 27th.  Max got a rocking horse.
Aunt Mary gave Max his second Hallmark ornament for the Christmas tree.  It was the only ornament that Max ever touched the entire time we had the tree up.  He couldn't have cared less about the others.
Max can barely walk in his snow suit and boots.  He looks like a penguin when he walks.  The first time I tried it on him, he tipped right over.  Max is absolutely fascinated by the snow and loves to be outside.

And Grandpa Johnson turned 60 years old on December 29th.  Happy birthday!!  We love you!