Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Married to a Superhero!

Just a quick add-on to my last post. I happen to visit teach the mother of one of our little Sunbeams. I'll call him "T". Little T has been scared to come to class. He came the first Sunday but didn't stay for very long. And his mom says he's been crying before church on Sundays because he hasn't wanted to go to class.

Last Sunday, T's mom brought him into the Primary room and sat him down next to Cory. I wasn't paying attention but I guess Cory put his arm around the little guy and said "hey bud". And that's all it took. T stayed for the entire time and was good as gold. But I didn't find out why until last night when I went to visit T's mom.

She told me that T thinks Cory is a superhero. Literally. I guess T is totally into The Incredible Hulk, Superman, The Titans, Knights of the Round Table, etc. The only way they can get him to enjoy scripture time is if they focus on the "war stories". Anyway, I guess after church, T told his mom that his teacher is a superhero. She tried to explain that it was possible that Cory is just a regular guy, but T was insistent. He says, "But Mom, he's so big and his voice sounds just like a superhero. I just know he is one." I about died laughing! What a cute little guy! I can get on-board with thinking Cory is a superhero. Maybe we'll have to take a cape to class one of these days. I know...not very reverent but it would be fun.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Cory and I weren't able to fly under the radar screen in our new ward for very long. We have recently been called to be Sunbeam teachers in the Primary organization (teaching the 3-year-old class). Our first class was on Jan. 2nd i.e. the very first day when all of the new Sunbeams are coming out of nursery for the first time. Cue the madness.

Our ward has three nurseries (yes, Sacrament meeting is deafening). And subsequently, we have three Sunbeam classes. Cory and I have eight children (all boys!) on our roster - seven of them attend class regularly. I was just released from the Primary Presidency in our ward in Idaho and I must confess that I was hoping to get a break from Primary for a while. But poor Cory - he went from working with the teenage boys to working with those of a much younger demographic. The look of terror on his face that first Sunday was priceless. And to give him credit, I probably would have felt the same way had I been in his shoes.

Junior Primary that first Sunday was a complete zoo. The decibel level was probably close to a seven. There were sobbing children who were scared about this new experience. Wiggly children who weren't accustomed to sitting still and upright in their chairs for 40 minutes straight. A song leader who insisted on teaching a new song for the entire 25 minutes, which led to extreme boredom and cries from the children that they wanted a new song. And my poor husband got stuck sitting directly behind a child who was spitting up in the air and letting the spittle fall to the floor or land on his face. Cory kept looking down at his shoes and then looking at me - and I could tell he wanted to bolt out of that room as fast as possible. In the meantime, I'm wrestling seven children by myself because Cory was frozen to his chair.

We both had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting on the second Sunday of the year. Cory stood up there and told everyone that he wasn't scared to be standing in front of them giving a talk. However, he said he was pretty scared about going into the "lion's den" immediately after Sacrament meeting.

Fast forward to yesterday. When the boys file into the Primary room now, the first thing they do is run to Cory and give him a hug. They all fight to sit next to him. They are so proud to know Brother Johnson's name. And they profess their love to him all the time. I'm just an after-thought at this point. Let's be honest - it's way more cool to come to church and get a fist-bump from Brother Johnson. And that's just fine with me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cory!

Happy birthday to my wonderful, kind, amazing husband! Guess what Cory got for his birthday today?? One of the shop guys at work backed into this truck. Nothing too serious - just a ding in the back quarter panel. For real? I thought we left our bad luck with accidents behind us in 2010. Apparently not. Maybe we'll beat our record of five car accidents in one year.

When Cory left the house this morning, he confirmed that I wasn't going to do anything crazy today, "like come to work and try to surprise him." I've done that in the past. I guess it was too embarrassing. Good thing I wasn't planning on doing anything nice for him today!