Sunday, June 28, 2009

One more wedding...

I've been slow to get this post published. Last weekend we had the opportunity to go down to "civilization" (i.e. Salt Lake) to attend my cousin Jason's wedding. He and Kortney were smiling all day long and they make such a beautiful couple. I absolutely loved Kortney's bouquet! We had fun hanging out with my parents and Karen and Jaron. The boys went to Cabela's and I introduced my mom and Karen to IKEA. We didn't have much time to shop because we had to get to the wedding luncheon. But my mom was enthralled by IKEA (I don't blame her) and I had to keep back-tracking to find where we had lost her. I think she finally walked out of the store with two pans and some scissors.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camping Adventures

It has been raining non-stop for the past few weeks and our summer is quickly slipping away without ever really arriving. Cory and I decided that we needed to get some summer fun in, even if the weather was horrible. So we packed up our gear and went camping again last weekend. The weather was beautiful on Friday night. We woke up to rain drops on the tent early Saturday morning but we quickly went back to sleep and woke up to sunshine. It didn't last long, though. We went for a ride up Bear Creek, which is by Grey's River in WY. We saw some beautiful back-country and got soaking wet and muddy at the same time.

This waterfall and stream were being created from snow run-off. You can't see it very good in this picture, but there is a ton of snow at the top of this mountain.

And yes, we did get stuck. We forgot to take the bow saw with us so that we could cut any trees that might be in our path. Instead of turning around, Cory decided that we could easily go OVER this huge tree. He got high centered and was thrilled when we had to break out the winch to help us get un-stuck. We wrapped the rope around one tree and we actually started to pull it out of the ground. Guess we were stuck pretty good. So I looped the rope around a couple of trees and that did the trick. And Marcy, we went past an area called Kennington Flat. Is that area named after Kyle's family?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Congrats to Nick & Linsey!

'Tis the season for weddings. Hooray! I went to Preston yesterday for Nick and Linsey's wedding. Dylan, Carson, Spencer and Tyler were sure excited for their mom (and they looked so handsome, too). I've known Nick for about 19 years and I've known Linsey for 10 years. They are both amazing people and I'm so happy that they found each other! On a funny note, Nick was my boyfriend for about six months when we were in middle school. But then he moved on to high school and was too good for me. :-)

In an effort to be efficient, since I was already in Preston, I drove for another 30 minutes to get to Logan so I could pick up a trailer. That's right folks...Cory actually let me drive his truck. And, after much convincing, he agreed that I could pick up the trailer. Apparently the fact that I was raised on a farm, that I started driving a 2-ton truck to haul hay when I was seven, the fact that I drove my dad's 1-ton truck to high school starting at the age of 15 and I used to pull the boat all the time wasn't enough to qualify me to pull a trailer from Logan to Idaho Falls. Only his sense of good logistic management (think efficiency) allowed for this to happen. I'm happy to report that the trip was uneventful. And I had a VERY relieved husband when I got home.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Congrats, Jen!

We went to Utah on Saturday for Jen and Rob's wedding. They were married in the Bountiful temple and afterwards they had a fabulous dinner in Park City. Jen was a beautiful bride and they both looked so happy. We are glad that they invited us to share their special day with them!

p.s. For those who are wondering, the inspection on my house went well. The renters have started to take care of the yard and the inside of the house was fine. Whew!!!